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Lai Chan Fashion has over 30 years of experience in designing tailored traditional clothes in Malaysia. We have a vast collection of hand-made creations that you can choose from or ask us to design something for you.

We specialize in making tailored Baju Kurung, Baju Kebaya. Our designers and tailors are always ready to meet your requirements and highest expectations. We know that you always to look your best even if it is just a regular day, which is why we make sure to only produce the best for you. Those who have bought from us are satisfied and are still coming to us to buy more of our products. We make sure that you will love our craft.


Tailor Alterations and Repairs Baju Kurung / Baju Kebaya

Baju Kurung

Baju Kurung

The Baju Kurung means “enclosed dress”, and it is a traditional Malay costume that is also Malaysia’s national dress.

The earlier versions of the baju kurung was looser and longer. In the late 19th century, it was popularized by Sultan Abu Bakar or Johor. It is known that the baju kurung has survived and succeeded even in the modern days of Malaysia. The Islamization of Malaysia during the 1970s and 1980s was the time when it received more recognition.

This loose-fitting full-length dress is a skirt and blouse set. We use one long cloth to make the skirt and one side is folded. The blouse has no collar with long sleeves which extends below the knees and between the hips.

Normally, silk is used in making it and they have geometric patterns and lively colors. Traditionalists like fabrics that come from Kelantan and Terengganu, which are the eastern peninsulas of Malaysia. We also use that to make your baju kurung because of the batik and hand-made designs.

Baju Kebaya

The Baju Kebaya is a blouse-dress that originated from the court of Indonesia, and women traditionally wear it. Kebaya is the upper long-sleeved clothes of women that could be made from thin cotton, semi-transparent nylon or polyester, or silk. It is adorned with floral embroidery or brocade. They normally wear the kebaya with a sarong or batik kain bajang. This is a long cloth that is wrapped around the person’s waist. Sometimes, a colorful woven garment like a songket, or ikat is worn with the kebaya.

These traditional clothes of Malaysia are very detailed that takes expertise to master its every detail. With our years of experience, you can count on us to make your traditional Malaysia clothes the according to your taste. Not everyone pays this much attention to detail, and that is why we are confident about our products. We take fashion seriously, and only want our customers to look their best all days.

Baju Kebaya


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