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Laichan fashion makes tailor-made Malay clothes for those who want to look simple and elegant. We can make for special occasions or everyday wear. You can be very specific on what you want, and we will make it based on your specifications.

There are two traditional Malay clothes for women – baju kurung and baju kebaya. If you want to know more about them, read on. The Laichan fashion company caters to those who want to wear the traditional Malay clothes for important events as well.

You do not have to worry about having sophisticated taste because we can handle it.


Baju Kurung

The baju kurung must be worn loosely and it is kind of conservative, but it has special characteristics. It embodies the tradition and gracefulness of Malaysia. The classic design can be worn anytime and it is still very popular today.

The baju kurung goes with a sarong, and it has a special way of tying it. They call it the “ikatan ombak mengalun”. There is a knot on the right or left side, making it very convenient to wear.

Modernized Baju Kurung

When making the baju kurung, we do the modern approach, that is an evolved version compared to before. We make it shorter, and it takes the shape of your body in a better way, and we offer a variety of designs. We pair it with a long skirt, which is different from the sarong.

We do not put a pesak, unlike how they did it in the past. We put zip and darts. For the bottom, you can choose between a long skirt, an a-line, pareo, or mermaid skirt.

We make the skirt wrapped, pleated, with a slit or without a slit. You can tell us if you want the slit to be 2 feet long or shorter.


There are many speculations on where the kebaya came from. There are claims that it came from the middle east, and others say it is from China. The kebaya originated from a blouse and the Indonesians first wore it. The kebaya they wore in the 15th and 16th century was fitted, flared, and long.

Many sources claim that it was influenced by China, and compare it to a tunic that was worn in the Ming Dynasty. Those are long-sleeved tunics that had a front opening. This dress was accredited during two important events upon the arrival of Europeans and Islam.

The Kebaya of Today

Many kebayas today are tight-fitting so it enhances the torso of a woman. After that, the collarless neck is folded back and it is open at the front. It is made with a semi-transparent fabric with long sleeves. The kebaya in the 19th century had these features.

A traditional kebaya wraps the woman’s torso using a long cloth known as the stagen. The Semi-transparent kebaya blouse is worn on top of the stagen. They use a brooch and not buttons in fasting the blouse. The kebaya is worn with a kain, which is a cloth that they wear on the lower body, and it is the same as a sarong.

Baju Kurung


If you want to have tailor-made baju kurung and baju kebaya, you can come to us. We will carefully listen to what you need and take note of your requirements so we can deliver the best to you. if you need us to repair your clothes, you can come to us anytime to get it fixed right away. We also do alterations if you need something changed so you can wear it better.