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The Baju Kurung is comfortable and you can make it stylish so it will not look so boring while you are wearing it. If you think about traditional Malay clothes, the baju kurung should be included. It is versatile and can be worn in any season formal gathering, or even for going to the office.

The dress must be loosely worn and it looks rather conservative. The baju kurung has special characteristic that represents Malaysia’s tradition and gracefulness. Hence, it never goes out of style and still very popular.

Some people may say that the baju kurung is outdated, but its popularity remains the same. That is because the baju kurung is a classic. It is traditionally worm with a sarong which can be tied in an “ikatan ombak mengalun” style. The knot is only tied at one side, which can be the right or left side. This is a more practical and convenient way of wearing it.


Baju Kurung

There was an evolution in the Malay clothing pattern over time since the prehistoric era. During those times, they used natural sources to make clothing material. The Chinese and Indian traders introduced silk and cotton to the Malay Peninsula in the 1st century.

Before Islam arrived, the local Malays were practicing Hindu-Buddhist which the foreign traders introduced. This is where their way of dressing came from, which is simple and practical.

During that time, male dressing only required two pieces of cloth. One is a small piece that is tied around the head which forms a headdress. The larger one is wrapped around the waist which is the sarong.

The women used a kain kelubung which is a shawl that covered their heads and their sarong was called a kain kemban. Theirs was worn from the bust. These attires were simple, straightforward, and comfortable. The purpose of this was to keep them cool in the warm climate.

The difference between what the nobility and common folks wore was the quality of cloth. The members of nobility used a more expensive and higher quality cloth. They also wore more elaborate jewelry that was made of precious stones and gold.


Baju KurungThere is a very new and modern approach to making the baju kurung which has evolved with time. It is now made shorter, with more shape, comes in different designs, and a long skirt is worn with it.The typical one has a modern pesak, and this does not have that. instead, zip and darts are placed and the bottom can be an A-line skirt, long skirt, mermaid skirt, or pareo.

The bottom skirt is in different styles like pleated, wrapped, and with or without a slit. The slit is 2 feet long and it could be in front, at the side, back, or with only two flaps.

The baju kurung now was evolved that it primarily in different forms. You will see that we use different fabrics to make the baju kuurug. We use songket, satin. Polka dots, checkered, batik, geometric patterns, pastel shades, and even lively colors.


If you need your baju kurung to be repaired, we can do that for you. We repair traditional and formal attires. You can ask us to replace the button and zipper, adjust the waist if needed, and repair the length of sleeves and pants. We can also customize your traditional Malay clothes.

Our tailors can also fix any torn clothes so you can wear them again.

With our experience in the industry, you can expect that we only make quality Malay clothes.