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We offer tailor alterations and repairs services for man and ladies clothing since 1990. Our customers become loyal to use because of our unmatched fitting, latest styles, and helpful staff. We customize clothes like dresses and business suit with hundreds of designs and fabrics to choose from.

You can also come to us for professional blazer, suit, skirt, blouse, and pants. A lot of women are concerned about making a mistake of choosing the wrong tailor, but we are not that.

We specialize in tailoring customized clothes, but we can also do alterations. We know that it is not easy to have something repaired because it needs to be handled by a professional. We located at Taman Sri Rampai, Setapak. Lai Chan Fashion has an experience of 30 years, which means we know how to make clothes that suit tour body size.

The time we spend on alterations will not take too long because we know that you need it. We also do not overcharge because we treat our customers fairly. We do not want to break your trust because we value you.


Tailor Alterations and Repairs Services

Quality Satisfaction

When you contact us to have clothes made, we make sure to gather all the information from you. There are many types of clothes and they use different fabrics. We will make sure to take your exact measurements so that the output will fit you perfectly.

Most of our customers do not look for other tailors after asking us to make their clothes. That is because we consider everything they want and need. At the same time, our tailors give suggestions on what would be the best for you. They know which design and fabric would be appropriate for the clothes that you are asking us to make.

Buying a tailor-made blouse or skirt from us is an experience you will not forget because it is tailored only for you. Forget what you thought you knew about fit and sizes because we are very precise. Your measurements are in the front and center so we can create your ideal fit.

Made to Measure

The idea that everyone must fit into their sizes from a rack is something we do not fully believe in. Instead of that, your clothes made by us will have an unrivaled fit that other clothing makers cannot give you. Everyone has their own measurements, and having clothes made that are your exact measurements gives you more confidence once you step outside.

For instance, you have an important business and do not want to look shabby or unkept because of your clothes. We will help you look your best even if you only ask us to alter something that you already own.

Fair Pricing

What is the worth of a high-quality dress?  You must choose between the price ranges that all ensure a unique experience. From the basic to high-end fabrics, we have everything you are looking for. You can tell us your budget so we can suggest something you might like.

You will be surprised by how we are able to make the clothes you want at an affordable price. We source our fabrics from a supplier that does not charge too high because we do not want our customers to carry that burden. Our clothes are made to fit you perfectly so that you do not have to make any adjustments before wearing it.

Our Experience

We have been making clothes since 1990, which is an experience of 30 years. You will not regret coming to us.

If you want cloths that truly fit you, you should contact us now or visit us at 2-G-33 Wisma Rampai, Taman Sri Rampai, Setapak, KL.

Lai Chan Fashion Services