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Do you have clothes that need to be repaired or altered? We got you. Our company located at Taman Sri Rampai, Setapak. We have been making, altering, and repairing man and ladies clothes for 30 years which is why we know exactly what you need. The ladies clothing of today have so many designs and fabrics to choose from that it is no longer the same for everyone. People have different tastes and preferences, which makes it tricky to only stick with the same fit all the time. In addition, the kind of stitching clothes have can add something to the design. Hence, you will know the different stitches we use right here.


Running Stitch

Running stitch is also called a basting stitch. It is a long and straight stitch. In general, it is used as a basting stitch, which means people use this stitch for temporarily holding two pieces of fabric together. Running stitch can easily be taken out later.

Whip Stitch

The whip stitch is an easy hand stitching technique that you can easily learn. It consists of short stitches that are diagonal, and often used for hemming. The stitches are invisible on the fabric’s right side.

Catch Stitch

The catch stitch has a zig-zag pattern, and it cannot be seen on the fabric’s right side making it ideal for a blind hem. You can use the catch stitch for putting two pieces of fabric together with a little overlap.

Buttonhole Stitch

This one is named after the kind of stitching that you see around a buttonhole. This stitch is to keep a woven fabric from unraveling. The buttonhole stitch is normally done on a blanket and it depends on the spacing. The stitches have an L-shape.

Slip Stitch

The slip stitch is normally used for making hidden seams between two-fold edges. This is also known as the ladder stitch because when doing this stitch, you create ladders using the threads. The slip stitch is used for closing a lining, binding, invisibly applying an applique, or closing something with stuffing inside.

Cross Stitch

The cross stitch is a kind of decorative stitch that is made up of two straight stitches that form an ex from the center. In general, it is used on a special fabric that has a grid made up of tiny holes which serve as guide to the pattern, and the stitch are series of exes that make a pattern.

Alterations and Repairs

Alterations and Repairs


The backstitch is normally used for attaching two pieces of cloths together. For instance, if you want to attach the sleeves on a blouse, the tailor uses the backstitch. The method is two steps going forward and one step going backward. When it is for embroidery, it from right to left.

Blanket Stitch

The blanket stitch has a decorative seam finish which is visible. In general, this stitch is used in making hand embroidery or to finish edges.


We are very experienced in the different kinds of stitches. We make sure to do them neatly and our tailors are all trained to do any stitch that is necessary for the design or alteration you want done. Since our business opened 30 years ago, we did not stop honing and mastering our craft so we can serve customers well.

We are a company that work hard to meet the needs of our customers because clothes are important. They represent a person, and it makes them confident if they are wearing something that is beautifully and properly made. You will not be disappointed with our service because we listen to our customers and guide them to what’s best for them.

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